Bus and Coach Wales
Merthyr Tydfil
5th Sept 2010

Two cars met at the Crown pub car park at The weather looked as if it had promise and the rain stopped if only for a brief time. There were some blue sky behind the clouds so we set off with our fingers crossed for some better weather.

When we arrived at the College we were met by Richard and Lester so there were a total of 5 cars from the club and as it was a car park we could not put up the flags or the gazebo.

Well if you are an enthusiast of buses and coaches this is the place to go. There were about seventy buses and coaches and about thirty classic cars. It was held in the car park of the Merthyr College and the College was open. Inside the College there were many stalls selling various things like toys, photos, slides, books all to do with buses. There were free bus rides to the Merthyr brewery and to the steam train station in an old bus and a lot of people took advantage of that; it does fill the day out a bit.

Phil found another Austin Healy Sprite to examine and he went over it with a fine tooth comb. The college canteen proved to be very cheap and a good supply of tea and coffee so it was not a bad way to spend a slow Sunday, although it could have done with a few more stalls to allow us to waste a little more time.

In the end Brian, Richard, Phil and myself had a walk around the town. Itís changed a lot over the years and is quite modern, very clean with everything close to hand even the pound shop. Yes we had to have a look.





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