Abertillery Classic Vehicle Show
23rd June 2012
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The day started off to a strange start as Richard broke down in the garage on the way to the meeting place. With a push we were soon on our way. Meeting at the Crown 4 cars turned out and the weather did not look to good. When we finally got going Richard  broke down again and this time he had  to call out the AA.

Three cars got to the show and as it's in a car park there was no way we could put up the gazebo - I donít think that they would like us to hammer pegs into the concrete. We parked the cars and went to breakfast. When we came back Richard turned up and it was at this point we noticed he had the wrong shoes on. He was wearing crocks with holes in, so as it was wet we all said they were drainers and not trainers and he was not only wearing crocks but was driving one as well.

With that over with it was time to look at the cars and there were some beauties, like a Jensen 7.2 litre Interceptor and an Austin Healey 3000 which won a prize for 2nd best car in the show. The one problem with this show is that you have to go to town to use the toilets or get a cup of tea, but I suppose thatís the way of making money for the town.

The rain came down in showers but most of the time it was fine and they managed to put on a street dancing act and a band by the cadets or something - the marching music was quite good. There was a lack of stalls so it was a cheap day really, the show ended at 1500hrs and by this time my feet were killing me. We all said our goodbyes and made our way home.
Report by Geoff