Barry Festival of Transport
9th June 2013
Classic Car Line Up

Apart from some woman nearly causing an accident on a roundabout by talking to her passenger and Phil's car losing power on the slip road to Asda the journey to Barry Island went fairly smoothly. But when we got there we were directed into a building site as the ground which used to be tarmac had been dug up and flattened. The only grass was on a banking which had not been cut since the snow left us. We laid the ground sheet over the top and it looked like a tent on its own stuck on the long grass. We put up the club event shelter in a fairly strong wind, but it went up better than normal as the sides fitted better and that was because we spread the legs a bit to make it not so high.

After a spot of brekkie we had a walk around the one stall that sold tools and old drills etc. It was soon time to go to the beach for a stroll. When we got there we met Lucy, Matthew and the Children on the beach playing with their buckets and spades. Then along came Karen and Katie so it was a full house. I went for a walk down to the sea front and had a chuckle as there was a family there where the women were in their traditional costume. It seemed funny to see them catching the sun with their black costumes down to their ankles and in full burkas, but its all about the children and they seemed to be having a good time.

When we got back Phil was in the same position as when we left him, flat out on his belly. He must have had 3 hours sleep. The dust that was floating around all over the nice clean shiny cars was pretty bad and I can say we were lucky to be where we were out of the way. A lot of cars moved away from the building site down to a grassy spot outside the gates and if we had not put up our gazebo we would have joined them.

There were quite a few buses there - some open top buses giving free rides and the organisers did their best to stay happy even though there was quite a bit of movement with people moving to better areas. Four O'clock came and it was time to pack up and head for home - that was when we hit another problem, getting off the Island. Richard and I moved to a different car park, Phil stayed in the traffic, Graham and his wife stayed where they were and Kevin, Darren, Lester left with Phil. Traffic was heavy for most of the journey and it would be nice of the cars with ABS to think of cars like ours even without servos. We can't stop as fast as they can. In all I would not want to do it again.

Report by Geoff