Tredegar House
15th September 2013
 Tredegar House 2013 Report Picture

We met at Forge lane at 8 o’clock. The weather looked good so those of us who could put their tops down did. We drove in together and as the gazebo was already up it took no time to get ourselves into position.

After a cup of coffee it was time to hit the stalls and the auto jumble. There were 11 cars in the Gwent MG Owners Club pitch and I am glad to say that it was big enough for them all. Breakfast was laid on by the club and we had bacon rolls. There were a lot of gaps in the field with some traders not turning up due to the weather forecast with said strong winds and heavy rain all day.

Cars were invited to drive around the arena and there was lots going on there all day. For the first year Porsche had a stand and they had some nice 911’s and other models. The craft tents were very busy and one chap who was selling spices under the heading I love my curry told me that he had been up since 3.30 am mixing the packets of spices to sell.

I love the way people talk about their cars and what they have done to them. One chap who had a 1935 Morris 10/4 told us how he had total brake failure when after standing for eight years the two parts of the shoes had come apart due to damp getting in between the lining and the shoe.

During cooking dinner, sausages, burgers on our BBQ, supplied and fitted by Richard, it started to rain so we moved the BBQ under another gazebo and joint them together. What we never noticed was that the rain was gathering on top and forming a nice little pond on top. Eventually the weight got too much for the gazebo and it poured down between the two. Unfortunately Lorraine was standing under the gap and when it came down and in a split second she got soaked. Looking for someone to blame she picked on Richard who was doing the cooking and was nowhere near the water. Yes, we all laughed.

It was about 2 o’clock when they said that the show was going to finish at 2.30 because of the weather so we packed up and went home, but it was a good day while it lasted.  

Report by Geoff